Don Santiago Restorante Menu

Please wait for the menu viewer to load below. You can then use the tools to turn over and magnify the pages. It’s also possible to search the menu and download a PDF copy of the 16-page food and drinks menu to your device. To view the downloadable 6MB PDF menu version you may need to also install ADOBE ACROBAT READER a free software application.

Terms & Conditions
Allergy statement: Please note menu dish items may contain or come into contact with wheat/gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish,
shellfish, and soy. For more information, please speak with a manager before ordering. Dishes may contain traces of nuts.
Please note: the prices shown in this menu can vary due to current stock purchasing costs and availability of seasonal ingredients.
The menu is also subject to change based on the availability of sourcing suitable dish ingredients from suppliers.